Re: [Evolution] calendar timeout? -

On Tue, 2016-02-02 at 19:23 +0100, Herr Oswald wrote:
Yes, it's "GOA".

we had some private ongoing investigation meanwhile, thus this didn't
get completely forgotten.

Nonetheless, I received an access to an ownCloud 8.2 instance
(according to <user>->Help in the web UI of the ownCloud server after
login), and I'm not able to reproduce this issue with that particular
ownCloud version, using evolution/evolution-data-server 3.16.5, 3.18.4
and git master.

I see in the logs that I send to the server basically the same data as
Wolf and the server doesn't have any issue with it. The meeting is
"accepted" by the server and stored there as expected. It can be that
the ownCloud folks fixed something on the server side. I do not know.

Trying with worked fine, though I only created a simple
meeting, with one attendee and me as an organizer ('me' as 'the email
address I registered with them). I do not know the ownCloud version
they use, unfortunately.

I will try again when/if I get access to other ownCloud instances.

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