[Evolution] Revoking / moving meetings?


still trying to get used to the calendaring functionality in Evolution
(3.18.5), I am trying to figure out how to revoke a meeting. Expected

(1) Create a meeting with a bunch of participants.

(2) Store it and know the participants will be notified.

(3) Delete (or postpone) the meeting and know participants will be

So far, reading through the docs on gnome.org and playing around with
Evolution, I found out was that it's possible to achieve (1) by
creating a meeting and "forward it as ical". Which works. But: Neither
in case of (2) or (3) people notified before will receive any
information on that the meeting has changed. Likewise, I cannot use the
calendaring functionality to do an ical forward of a deleted meeting.
Is there anything I should know to achieve (2) and (3)?

TIA and all the best,

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