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Andre, the instructions are incomplete in that they do not include information on importing Outlook Express (OE) dbx folders.  While OE is an obsolete product, I still maintain my OE and the dbx folders on the Win XP side of my laptop.  When I moved over to evolution several years ago, I did not import the dbx folders for inactive clients.  Recently, one of the inactive clients recently became active, and I had no problem importing the client's dbx folder into evolution.


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Subject: Re: [Evolution] Import filetypes
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 17:02:59 +0100

On Tue, 2016-01-26 at 06:22 -0500, Robert wrote:
The greatest difficulty I am having, though, with client mail servers (which I thought Evo might have resolved) is in importing past or "saved" messages--especially when I purchase a new computer or install to a different OS (say, from Windows to Linux). I have saved--via zip--many of my past email messages either from TB or Eudora. Theses message filetypes are either ".eml" or ".msg" which I do not see in your instructions for importing...your instructions merely say "...and other filetypes."  
Is the documentation incorrect?: If yes, please point out where so it could get fixed. Cheers, andre

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