[Evolution] Import filetypes

I just installed Evolution and, so far, liked its GUI far better than Thunderbird. I am able to download
"current" emails from my servers.

The greatest difficulty I am having, though, with client mail servers (which I thought Evo might have resolved) is
in importing past or "saved" messages--especially when I purchase a new computer or install to a different OS (say,
from Windows to Linux).

I have saved--via zip--many of my past email messages either from TB or Eudora. Theses message filetypes
are either ".eml" or ".msg" which I do not see in your instructions for importing...your instructions merely say
"...and other filetypes." 

Also, I am not about to import my past emails by "single file"--I have thousands! (which I need for tax and finance histories)

How does one import a block of past emails (.eml, or .msg): by highlighting my list, then dropping or pasting them
into a blank area of Evolution's Inbox or similar folder??
If not, then I have to go back to TB kicking and screaming
which is a bear to import.

Using Ubuntu v.15.04, and Evolution v.3.12.11 (Ubuntu Software Center does not download latest v. 3.18)



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