Re: [Evolution] Evolution not properly sorting by thread

On Mon, 2016-01-25 at 10:42 -0800, str3tch3r str3tch3r wrote:
It just seems like the threading option is incorrectly applying the
parent-child relationship to different folders and the only thing
different about these folders that I'm aware of is the plain-text vs
html format.

check View->Current View in the "with HTML messages" folder. If it
offers "Save Custom View...", then same it somehow, like "my" or
anything descriptive. If it has some of the pre-saved selected, then
remember which it is. The go to the "with plain text messages" folder
and verify what View is selected there. Then change it to the same as
the previous folder has. Eventually try it the other way too, to check
whether the folder "with HTML messages" will break threading, if it'll
use the same View as the second folder.

P.S.: By the way, your reply broke threading, somehow. Did you use
Ctrl+L (reply to list) when replying?

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