Re: [Evolution] Problems after upgrade to 3.18

On Tue, 2016-01-12 at 13:44 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
It does, but via Gnome-online-Accounts.  Provision the account using
GoA, and Gmail will work - but not sure if using GoA from a Gnome
3.10 install will work with a self compiled Evolution 3.18!

that's right, use GNOME Online Accounts (GOA, can be accessed through
gnome-control-center binary, even when you are not using GNOME desktop)
and create a Google account there. Evolution-data-server will pick it
and will add configured sources to the evolution.

Oliver, if your main issue was with the Google Contacts not working,
then you can safely use 3.10 with this too (run `make uninstall` in the
opposite order than you run `make install` in your self-compiled
projects to remove them from /usr/local).

I do not have any exact pointers for your other questions,
unfortunately, I do not use your distribution. I'm sorry.

The OAuth 2.0 directly from the evolution will work since 3.20, as it's
part of the current development version only. Do not try to compile and
run the development version, much easier will be to use GOA as
suggested by Pete. Wait for regular updates in your distribution, or
update to more recent distribution version, which may provide more
recent evolution versions as well. Of course, you won't get other bug
fixes and enhancements when using 3.10, but it'll still be better than
break your whole system.

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