[Evolution] Problems after upgrade to 3.18

Upgraded from 3.10 to 3.18.3 using a self-built evolution under Linux

1. On starting evolution, I had various messages from different
elements saying "the name 1.479 was not provided by any service files".

2. Contacts on two gmail accounts show nothing, although there are
contacts there, but the calendar on those accounts is partly working.

3. Calendar events already defined on the Gmail accounts can be read,
but on trying to create a new event I get "Cannot create calendar
object: Authentication Required"

4. On starting to write this email, I got the message: 
"Failed to connect address book 'olly lfix co uk : Contacts'
The requested resource was not found: https://developers.google.com/acc

Should I wipe the evolution configuration and start again?  If so, how
can I do that without losing local addressbook data and mails?


Oliver Elphick
Lincolnshire, England

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