Re: [Evolution] Problems after upgrade to 3.18

On Tue, 2016-01-12 at 12:32 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:
On Mon, 2016-01-11 at 21:38 +0000, Oliver Elphick wrote:
1. On starting evolution, I had various messages from different
elements saying "the name 1.479 was not provided by any service

using self-compiled evolution stack is not that simple, also because
some core system parts depend on the evolution-data-server (if you
compile evolution of some version you always compile also evolution-
data-server of the same version). 

I did also build evolution-data-server.  There is also a version of it
installed by the distribution, and removing it would cause a whole lot
of stuff to be removed and replaced by a KDE system, so I haven't done
that yet, but I presume the new build will use the new build e-d-s too.

You are supposed to make sure that
D-Bus will run your built versions of the D-Bus services; or run them
manually before you run the evolution,

Is there any information around on how to do that?

 but it's tricky too. The error
itself looks like the factory process crashed for some reason (I'm

How can I find out?  

2. Contacts on two gmail accounts show nothing, although there are
contacts there, but the calendar on those accounts is partly

See 4).

3. Calendar events already defined on the Gmail accounts can be
but on trying to create a new event I get "Cannot create calendar
object: Authentication Required"

Might be due to 1).

4. On starting to write this email, I got the message: 
"Failed to connect address book 'olly lfix co uk : Contacts'
The requested resource was not found:";.

This is known, discussed here and in bugzilla several times. Search
part of the error message, like the end of the given URL by the
server and you'll get the answer.

Searched for AuthForInstalledApps on Gnome bugzilla under evolution and
found one item, which was not relevant. The phrase 'failed to connect
address book' turned up nothing at all.

That Google page says that ClientLogin  is now no longer available.  It
says one should migrate to OAuth 2.0. I had hoped that using 3.18 of
evolution would do that.

Should I wipe the evolution configuration and start again?

No, it won't help. Running self-compiled Evolution is not trivial.
move from 3.10.x to 3.18.x also means update of internal storage
which the former version doesn't understand (so you can downgrade,
for example the addressbooks, if already migrated to the new version,
will fail to open). 

They didn't work under 3.10 either, which was why I am trying to
upgrade. (Incompatibility with Google, as above.)

This list also contains steps how to create a vCard
file from the contacts.db file and import it to any Evolution. Search
the archives for "sqlite" and "contacts.db" and you might get some

That said, compiling Evolution (with its dependencies) is not
Make it properly running within the whole system is another
I mean, while it's doable, it's usually a problem for regular users,
due to other system dependencies.

The best option usually is to use 3rd-party repositories where other
people did the job and built what was needed, or change to a
distribution which provides more recent version.

It might have to come to that, with all its potential for upsetting
other stuff that works!  Do you have a recommendation?

Oliver Elphick
Lincolnshire, England

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