Re: [Evolution] spool directory always none

On Thu, 2016-12-29 at 16:23 +0100, luigi wrote:
Hi all,
before to reinstall evolution , I delete $HOME/.local/share/evolution
and $HOME/.config/.evolution.

If you're doing that then reinstalling the Evolution packages really is
a waste of time. Absolutely nothing will change.

The version 3.12.11 of evolution is the last version of Scientific Linux
I use either: 
1)POP account with the problem that I cannot leave messages on the mail

What exactly happens when you try this? Please give the actual error
messages you see. Are you sure your email provider allows Leave On
Server (e.g. does it work with other mail clients such as Thunderbird?)

(You may want to consider switching to IMAP if your provider supports
it. It's better in every way.)

2)local account with the problem that I can not set the spool file.

Again, what are you doing and what error messages do you get?

I would understand if my Scientific Linux 7.2 is misconfigured and I
must reinstall it

Don't assume that everything is fixable by reinstalling. We're not
talking about Windows here.

OTOH your system *is* out of date. Scientific Linux was essentially
RHEL with some extra packages, but is no longer supported except for
security updates. That means you are heading for trouble sooner or
later because at some point the software you use will no longer be
updated (like Evolution). I would recommend taking a look at CentOS and
adding the specific additional packages you need.


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