Re: [Evolution] spool directory always none

On Wed, 2016-12-28 at 20:36 +0100, luigi wrote:
Hi all,

I use Evolution version 3.12.11 in a Scientific Linux release 7.2
(Nitrogen). Since a few weeks, I'm not able to change the preference of
any mail account. In particular, 
1) I can not setting the file spool mbox: when I select a spool file
in /var/spool/mail/xxxx it is alwaye setting to "none" and I obtain the
following messages:  evolution-mail-WARNING **:
receive_update_got_folderinfo:  Store root (null) is not an absolute
2) I can not leave messages on the mail server. When I check this
option , it is always uncheck.

I have uninstall and reinstall evolution, but the problem remains.

Reinstalling Evolution (or indeed any Linux package) is almost never a
useful thing to do as the specific settings are kept in your home
directory and not changed by reinstallation.

Version 3.12.x of Evolution is very out of date, so you should try to
get a later version if it exists for your distro.

You haven't said what kind of mail accounts you use (IMAP, POP,
Exchange, ...). This makes a big difference in the possible causes of
your problem.


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