Re: [Evolution] configuring evolution for offline use

On Mon, 2016-12-05 at 13:13 +0100, Tomas Vondra wrote:
FWIW I've just tried the "work offline" and 5 minutes later, it's
still  syncing messages in some of the folders (on a hotel wifi, but
not particularly bad one).

the File->Work Offline and the confirmation to synchronize the folder
content is there to ensure that no messages will be missed in the
offline folder content. It's not mandatory. Furthermore, once you have
set to copy content for offline operation for the folders, then the
newly recognized messages are downloaded automatically. Thus
the File->Work Offline is rather for the old messages (eventually for
those which failed to download automatically for whatever reason).

You said in one of the previous messages that some folders are large.
Once they will be completely downloaded for offline (or when you opt-
out them from the offline synchronization), then the File->Work Offline
will be lightning fast and most often not needed at all.

I'm using IMAP (on gmail, to be precise), and what I'd like to
achieve is automatic sync of both headers and bodies automatically,
with minimum network bandwidth usage (hotel/airport networks are
a mess).

This gets partly against each other. You cannot expect minimal download
when you want to download whole message content. Nonetheless, there is
a request to do something similar, for example to not refresh whole
folder content (with check what changed for old messages), but only
download new messages, when on a metered network. It's similar to your
request. Evolution's IMAP doesn't support it yet.

Just a note, if I'm not mistaken, Gmail doesn't support quick resync.

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