[Evolution] configuring evolution for offline use


I'm considering switching to evolution from another mail client, and the one thing I'm struggling with is configuring it for offline use (a laptop, so a lot of time without network). I also access the mailbox from other machines occasionally.

I'm using IMAP (on gmail, to be precise), and what I'd like to achieve is automatic sync of both headers and bodies automatically, with minimum network bandwidth usage (hotel/airport networks are a mess).

What I've done so far is

(1) setting a bunch of accounts in account settings

* check for new messages in all folders
* use quick resync if the server supports it
* synchronize remote mail locally in all folders

(2) for all interesting folders (so pretty much all of them)

* copy folder content locally for offline usage
* always check for new mail in this folder

Are those the right choices? Some of the folders are quite large (mailing list archives with thousands of messages), and evolution seems to be syncing almost continuously, so maybe some of the options are unnecessary (or maybe I need to set something else too)?


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