[Evolution] Questions About Upgrading Evolution


Yes!  I am a newb both to Linux and to Evolution, so please have some patience with me and explain things using as small a words as possible!

I am running Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.  I installed Evolution through Ubuntu's Software Center. I think it is the most marvelous personal information management tool I have ever encountered.  I have a couple of tiny issues with it, but nothing technical.

I was surprised to learn that the most current stable version of Evolution is 3.2.3 and it leads me to wonder why my copy of Evolution is so far behind.  It also has me wondering if I ought to download the tarball for Evolution 3.22.1 or 3.22.2 and use Synaptic Package Manager to install it since the Powers That Be at Canonical seem to be slow in releasing more current versions of Evolution to Ubuntu users.

Will one of the gurus of Evolution please advise me on this matter?


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