Re: [Evolution] Questions About Upgrading Evolution

Hi Frank,

there's no chance for a novice to maintain stable releases of Evolution
from upstream on any Ubuntu release, regarding to a much to complex
dependency chain. Even for experienced users it's not worth the effort.
Ubuntu tries to workaround this issue with the snappy approach. I don't
want to go into details, but all those container alike approaches,
snappy is one of them, are frowned upon by most experts. Apart from
this, I seriously doubt that snappy is ready to handle all the required
interface permissions yet, resp. I doubt hat somebody want's to learn
how to handle this. The only solution for you is migrating to another
distro, or at least to run another distro as guest in a virtual machine.
Somebody perhaps provides a PPA (third party repository) with a more
recent version of Evolution for your Ubuntu release, but a beginner
should be careful with using third party repos.


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