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On Mon, 2015-03-16 at 13:07 +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

there's a big problem with the way a mailing list handles mails and
way different MUAs handle mailing list mails. The least common
denominator is that we should only reply to the mailing list and not
anybody else, we also shouldn't post to more than one list by one

Let me explain my point of view.

Some mailing lists are open mailing lists, but most mailing lists
require subscription. However, not all mailing lists are based on
mailman, but most are.

For mailman mailing lists it's possible to prevent sending duplicated
messages. The drawback then is, that we will receive the mail that was
sent to us directly only, IOW this mail doesn't contain mailing list

Not all MUAs behave in the same manner. There are different ways to
handle filters and even to invoke a mailing list reply. I for example
use Claws and Evolution. Claws invokes mailing list replies by the
"Reply" option, while Evolution does it using the "Group Reply"
Regarding the way a mailing list reply is invoked, Evolution most of
times handles it better than Claws does, if we don't receive
messages. OTOH Claws handles some other issues better than Evolution
does and even this issue comes with variations.

However, IMO it's important to find the least common denominator that
works for most MUAs. For mailing lists the rule is, that most of the
times a reply should be send to the mailing list only. There are just
few exceptions when it makes sense to Cc and those exceptional cases
could be handled automatically, if the mailing list doesn't overwrites
the Reply-To header. In such a case Claws does behave better than
Evolution. It's possible to always send a mail to the list and not
a copy, if a sender didn't use a Reply-To header, but if a Reply-To
header is used, the reply will be send to the list and to the Reply-To
address, assumed the mailing list doesn't overwrite the Reply-To

So, the major issue is, that different MUAs behave different and that
even mailing lists using mailman, could have different settings, even
settings a user can't set up by the account settings, such as e.g. how
the list handles the Reply-To header.

The approach "my needs are the most important needs and my MUA does it
the one and only right way" is ignorant. Communities should care about
things in common.

It's common sense to send a mail to just one mailing list and to send
reply to the mailing list only. There are exceptions, but those are
seldom for user lists, so they are unimportant for the common sense
as pointed out, it's possible to handle the Cc'ing smarter, when using


Since this mailing list requires a subscription, I will address my
responses to the mailing list, so that everybody benefits from the

Will the mailman ignore/bitbucket those messages that the source address
is not subscribed? 


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