Re: [Evolution] Mailing list filters

On Fri, 2015-03-13 at 16:01 +0000, Justin Musgrove wrote:
For now, I added another condition "Recipients, contains,
evolution-list gnome org"

You're liable to get false positives with that one. When someone replies
to a thread you're actively participating in, you should normally get a
message directly in your inbox, as well as the one to the mailing list.
(If that seems odd, remember that the person who replies cannot know if
you're subscribed to the list or not, so it's horribly rude of them to
*drop* you from the direct recipients and potentially cut you out of the
conversation. See )

If you filter as described above, *both* copies of the reply will get
filtered into the folder, rather than only the one which actually
arrived via the list.

The best thing to filter on is the Return-Path, which for this list
would be evolution-list-bounces gnome org  However, you said you're
using EWS and I don't think Exchange actually creates a Returh-Path
header for incoming mail.

The next best thing would be the List-Id header. That does still have
false positives — if someone *knows* you're no longer subscribed to the
list (but your filters might still be in place because who ever cleans
up their filters?), or they know you are subscribed but never look in
that folder, they might redirect a list mail to you personally. And then
your filter would have a false positive. You may not care about that
possibility, in which case filtering on List-Id should be fine for you. 
Personally, that situation *does* happen to me and I want my filters to
be correct :)

Btw, when replying to a message in Evolution try selecting just the part
of the email you want to reply to, then hit reply while it's selected. I
think that should override the normal reply behaviour, shouldn't it?


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