Re: [Evolution] Forward->Rediect, cannot edit msg

ahh, so Edit As New Message = Redirect + Edit
Then Redirect does not add much, perhaps remove it ?

Just because you don't know what it's for, doesn't mean that it's not

Redirect sends the email with the same headers - the From:, To:,
Message-Id: headers, everything all the same.  Some MUAs call it
"Bouncing" the email, some (such as Outlook) don't know how to do it.

The "Edit As New Message" is nothing like a redirect - when you create
the new message you get new headers, so the message has a different
"From:" header. The critical thing is that the Message-id: is new, so it
is a *different* message.  Redirected messages retain the same
Message-Id: so they are the *same* message.

So no, "Edit as New Message" is NOT Redirect + Edit.  Redirect is a very
specific thing.


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