Re: [Evolution] Socket I/O time out in IMAP IDLE connections

On Thu, 2015-03-05 at 10:58 +0000, Florian Baumann wrote:
Yes, the evolution-data-server is at 3.12.11 as well.


The number of concurrent connections is set to 5. I guess it was 
default value, I can't remember, that I changed it at any time.

Right, initial default was 5, current default is 3, but that is only 
for a newly created IMAPx accounts.

As far as I can tell, evolution isn't using more than one connection 
per account though. They would be called [imapx:A], [imapx:B] and so 
forth, right?


Just fyi, I have a total of three accounts configured, to of which 
are hosted by my own email server, the third one is hosted by my 
university. The
connections are timing out for all three of them.

Weird. I tried to reproduce it, with:
   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution
and only one IMAP account enabled (that's to not confuse the log with 
interleaved data from other accounts).

With IDLE enabled I see this:

   A00011 OK Completed (0.000 sec)'
   [imapx:A] I/O: 'A00012 IDLE'
   [imapx:A] I/O: '+ idling'

then I waited for like 5 minutes and nothing happened, no new log 
output. Changing a folder in UI follows with log:

   [imapx:A] I/O: 'DONE'
   [imapx:A] I/O: 'A00012 OK Completed'

Then I changed account settings and disabled the IDLE, which did:

   B00017 OK Completed'

and then each ~90 seconds I see a line stating:

   [imapx:B] Ignoring timeout error, nothing was waiting (original error: Socket I/O timed out)

Thus this works just as I would expect. This is with:

        Hope it helps,

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