[Evolution] Socket I/O time out in IMAP IDLE connections


I recently switch over from Thunderbird to Evolution 3.12.11 on an Arch
Linux installation. Unfortunately, the IMAP IDLE capability of
Evolution does not work, as the Socket keeps timing out, after 90
seconds, while it is waiting for the next "* Ok Still here".

I'm using Dovecot 2.2.15 on my mail server, with the default
imap_idle_notify_interval of 120 seconds.

I did find this commit [1], which supposedly  only sets a time out for
non-IMAPX connections, but this doesn't seem to work for me?

Anything I can do to (help) fix this (except setting a lower
imap_idle_notify_interval in Dovecot)? 

The debug log for imapx doesn't say much, except that a "Data read
failed with error 'Socket I/O timed out'". Also the connection isn't
restarted or anything. First when I select any folder is evolution
syncing with the server again.

Thank you very much


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