Re: [Evolution] Mails lost with Evolution 3.10.4 on Mint Cinnamon

My main frustration with Evolution is that there is no "command line" to
work from.It's all from the GUI, which is fine ...when everything

Evolution is a GUI mail client.  It's part of Gnome, which is a GUI
desktop environment.  But it still has a "command line".

....i.e. in

That's not the experience of most people.  If it didn't work, people
wouldn't use it - but it's frustrating that people think it doesn't
work when they use old unmaintained versions.

In this case, if you can give me some instructions on how I can diagnose
what is going wrong when I loose mail, then I'd be happy to run some

Help -> Contents has a section on debugging things.

You could also look at

All these things require Evolution to be started from the command line!
Virtually all the help that is given here and on the web starts with
"run evolution from the command line to see if there are any problems".
If that doesn't show up any issues, turn on some of the debugging.  You
still haven't said anything about your setup - like if you are using
POP or IMAP - but I presume you are using POP, in that case you need to
run Evolution as 

    CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3 evolution >& logfile

from that you will be able to see if anything fails.

All the software I run on the client side is "Standard" for Mint

That means nothing to most people.

All the server software is set up using "ISPCONFIG" from the
"HowToForge" website:

What server software?  Are you running your own mail server?

If I knew more about how the mail is being downloaded and if I could see
what is happening during the download process when it is interrupted,
then I'm sure i could find out what is going wrong.

Run Evolution in debug mode.  You'll get considerably more information
about what's going on than you could possibly need.

Can I also say that finding out how to do this is not difficult. Google
for "debug evolution" comes up with the above website as the first hit.


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