[Evolution] Problems getting to Gmail

Evolution 3.16.3 on Fedora 22

I have two Google accounts, both accessed as IMAP. The one I'm posting
from is a Google Apps for Education account and is working as usual.
The other is a free Gmail account and for the last few days has not
worked properly. It gives constant "Socket I/O timed out" errors and
now can't even show my IMAP folders.

Recalling recent threads on the list I deleted the account from Evo and
recreated it using GOA (via gnome-control-center as I use KDE). I have
2FA enabled on this account and had done this a month or so ago as an
experiment, when it seemed to work, but now it's a complete failure. In
addition to the Socket I/O error, I also get

"Error resolving 'apidata.googleusercontent.com': No address associated with hostname"

(Note that the above hostname is resolvable using dig from a console.)

and Evo will not even list the account folders or allow subscription management.

Unless this is some cosmic irony because of my recent remarks on DNS caching, I'm at a loss.

Yours in perplexity


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