Re: [Evolution] new to evo

On Sat, 2015-06-20 at 12:36 +0200, Wolf Drechsel wrote:
Hello everybody,

a few weeks ago I moved from kdepim to evolution 3.10.4, based on a
unity-14.04 ubuntu.

Up to now, I'm quite happy with that choice - allthough kdepim has 
features and may be a little more configurable, buggy akonadi in the
background drives me crazy.

A few questions remain which I couldn't google successfully. Main
problem was that google hits are contradictionary - and hints mainly
dont work. 

This is the third time you've posted the same message. Not the way to
get people to help you.  Note that your version of Evo is several years
old and unsupported, so not everything is going to work.

These are my issues:

1. How can I configure/modify keyboard shortcuts?
Mouse-over the menu item and then press the new shortcut doesnt work.
Does it work with gnome only, not with unity?

The list archives have multiple posts on this.

2. How can I keyboard navigate between the folders and the messages
section of the main window? Neither TAB nor arrow or else work, can I
assign shortcuts?

See above.

3. In my search folder is a "unmatched" item - which can neiter be
changed, not edited? - Is that normal, or am I doing wrong?

Not sure I know what you mean. A search folder is virtual. You can't
edit its contents, just change the search criteria.

4. Normally I'm using plain text. Occasionally, I see text unwrapped, 
couldnt figure out for what reasons. There must be a button or 
"force wrap ever". I found some hints in the web, but I couldnt get 

Ralf has answered this.

5. Regularly, after sleep&rewake of my system, evolution neither can
send nor receive messages from my ""-Account. Quit and 
solves it normally, but often I only can force quit evo. When 
evo from the console, I dont see any errors. How can I track this 

Is the padlock icon (lower left corner of the main Evo windows) open or
closed. Open means Evo thinks you are disconnected. Click to go online.
Aside from that, could be a version bug.


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