Re: [Evolution] new to evo

On Sat, 20 Jun 2015 12:30:15 +0200, Wolf Drechsel wrote:
4. Normally I'm using plain text. Occasionally, I see text unwrapped, I
couldnt figure out for what reasons. There must be a button or feature
"force wrap ever". I found some hints in the web, but I couldnt get the

Are you aware that your mail was sent three times?

When writing plain text you can switch between "Normal" and
"Preformatted", directly above the editor's text window. "Normal" breaks
the line after 72 chars, if you want to post e.g. code inline you can
switch to "Performatted", that doesn't line breake and after that
switch back to "Normal" to continue with auto-wrapping.

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