[Evolution] Follow up on issue with read/write issue in calendar

Dear all,

As a follow up to my earlier question on why the CalDav calendar
provided by Fastmail isn't registered as write-enabled, I sent Milan's
tips and the debug log to Tech support there. The following is there

"It appears that our server (Cyrus) says it allows PUT on the resources,
but not on the collection itself.  I'll email the list and double check
for opinions, but my gut feeling is that Evolution is doing the wrong
thing.  It can check if it can PUT any particular resource (and it will
get "Allow: PUT" for any resource) but we don't support PUT on
collections because it doens't make sense to PUT to a collection. 
Evolution should be using the ACL extension or just trying a write if it
wants to know if it's allowed to write."

Does this sound at all logical to anyone?



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