Re: [Evolution] Places where Evolution stores its data

On Sun, 2015-06-14 at 16:46 +0200, Tom wrote:
...Why the hell...

okay, I suppose you are unhappy. Understood.

BTW: It's Evolution 3.2.3 here - so I have good reasons to ask about
upgrading in another thread ;-)

Right. And I am unhappy here. 3.2.3 was released on Jan 09 2012. With
compare of the current (and upstream-maintained 3.16.3 stable version)
only in evolution-data-server landed ~1282 commits in the camel part
(that managing mail part of the evolution), total of ~3798 commits
counting also translation changes, which were ~711 commits. I do not
count changes in the evolution itself.

Most of the commits were not related to NNTP, but some surely were,
either directly on indirectly. And some addressed the issue you have.
It supports Pete's reply in this thread where he gave a test on the
3.16.3 current stable version.

What I want to say with the above is that you should be more unhappy
about the ancient version you use, instead of throwing unhappy words
into the list which has the only manpower of a community members trying
to help to others in their free time for free.

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