Re: [Evolution] Search folder has stopped updating

On Thu, 2015-06-11 at 10:24 -0400, John Lauterbach wrote:
As of last evening, the only way I can get 
the search folder to update is to go the original InBox (or the impax 
InBox) and open each one of the new messages.

could you run evolution from a terminal, to see whether anything is
claimed there? The search folders do not use any persistent storage,
they are constructed on the fly, fully rely on the used folders
notifications of changes.

By "opening each one of the new messages" you mean exactly what? Like
viewing its content, to get it into the search folder? I do not know
your search criteria, but that's quite unlikely to help for me.

Refreshing the search folder does not work.  The box on automatically 
update for changes in source folders is ticker.

Right, that's one option which can influence update, for not-so-often
-visited-search-folders, where it doesn't make sens to update on each
single change.

Just in case, could it be that the search folder has set some
additional filter, anything above the message list? There was (maybe
still is?) a bug about inherited searches internally, but not with a
visual indication in the UI, thus I would even try to change the filter
from "All Messages" to something else and back, the same as filling
something into the Search field, activate the search and then delete
it, to turn off the searching.


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