Re: [Evolution] Control K, line-length and recovering from keystroke errors.

I am having difficulty getting evolution to behave with respect to 
line-length on new messages with "Normal" format.  If I just keep 
typing the line will run off the screen even though even though 
number of characters is set for 55.

The line wrapping only works in plain text mode - by the looks of it
you are using HTML.  HTML doesn't have a concept of "line length".

If I use Control K, I get:

^K puts <br /> commands in the lines to do the wrapping and as such if
you put more text in, it doesn't automatically re-adjust the lines.

Furthermore, if you fingers misbehave, you can wind up with what is 
shown below (copied in part from a sent message).  No matter what I 
have done, I cannot get rid of the grey bar and the grey font.  What 
am I doing wrong?

Primarily all your issues are to do with using HTML formatting.  


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