Re: [Evolution] Extract a list of names and birthdays & anniversaries out of Evolution

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From: Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>
the CSV format is worse than the vCard format, because the vCard format
holds any detail, while the CSV is only that what the developers think
is important. The vCard is a standardized format, while CSV is just
about plain text lines of some data. You will not get the same if you
export your address book from one evolution into a CSV and import it to
a different evolution, while you get the same if you use vCard. It's
not only about evolution, any vCard-capable address book can read the
vCard-s, just because the format is standardized.

From:   Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
Because CSV is a horrible unstructured (random field names, random
field delimiters) error-prone (random field delimiters, no charset
encoding information) "format" that nobody should ever use when vCard
or ical/ics is available.

Hi Milan and Andre
Thanks a lot for the background information I did not know before. This helps to understand the situation 
better. I agree that the csv is not ideal and especially if you would like to transfer all data vCard is 
superior. And I think Evolution should continue to support vCard-export, but what I asked is whether 
csv-export could be added to the GUI of evolution as a choice when exporting the addressbook. This would make 
it easier for people e.g. who are afraid of the command line. Sometimes you need a csv-file, e.g. for a 
certain application or to have a addressbook chart rather than a list like in the vCard-format. The tools I 
have used so far were not helpful to convert vCard-data in a usable csv-format. As the tool 
evolution-addressbook-export is already there, why not add it to the GUI so newbies can find and use it 
Thanks for considering it! 

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