Re: [Evolution] Extract a list of names and birthdays & anniversaries out of Evolution

On Mon, 2015-07-27 at 08:47 -0400, theapplepie differentmail com wrote:
A question from a programming layman: Why is the option to export to
csv not included in the GUI of evolution? Could this be added in a
future version?
I think the csv-format is more common today.

the CSV format is worse than the vCard format, because the vCard format
holds any detail, while the CSV is only that what the developers think
is important. The vCard is a standardized format, while CSV is just
about plain text lines of some data. You will not get the same if you
export your address book from one evolution into a CSV and import it to
a different evolution, while you get the same if you use vCard. It's
not only about evolution, any vCard-capable address book can read the
vCard-s, just because the format is standardized.

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