Re: [Evolution] Evolution in Fedora won't send

On Mon, 2015-07-27 at 13:14 -0400, Bangor Maine wrote:
Typing in the password does nothing.  Evolution is receiving email
from this account correctly, and I can send via the webpage normally
usingthe password.


Evolution 3.16.4

could you try to run evolution from a terminal, to see whether any
error isn't written there when you are sending the message?

As Andre asked, the GNOME Online Accounts (GOA) behave differently than
accounts configured directly in the evolution.

I would also try to restart/re-login, just in case some service failed
to start properly. I do not think it's a regression in 3.16.4, I do not
see anything directly related to message sending or password getting in
that version. I suppose you have also evolution-data-server of the
3.16.4 version.

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