Re: [Evolution] Is there to get an unread mail indicator next to each account name?

On July 11, 2015 6:00:39 PM CDT, Nybbles2Bytes <nybbles2bytes gmail com> wrote:
The unread messages are shown next to the inbox line or other folders'

The INBOX is just-a-folder, the number of unread appears next to folders - as messages are in folders.

I do not believe an unread-for-account exists.  Possibly you have only used mail in a personal mode of 
operation;  but an unread-for-account is nearly impossible in a general use-case.  That could require polling 
thousands of folders, and would be be only subscribed folders or 'all' folders [which can itself be a vague 
definition].   It seems something doable with POP/Local but problematic for IMAP.

If you look at the attached image, this is what it looks like to me.
see the two IMAP accounts above (G CPX2, N2B) give no indication of any
unread email being present.

I guess it's possible that different Linux distributions do things a
little different 

No,  Evolution is pretty much Evolution.  Only the version varies.
so what's a problem for me might not be for someone

Every email client I
have used other than Evolution always showed the number of unread

OK, I use several clients, and none do this.

Adam Tauno Williams

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