Re: [Evolution] duplicate reminders, snooze times

Il giorno mar, 07/07/2015 alle 07.17 +0200, Milan Crha ha scritto:
On Mon, 2015-07-06 at 15:22 +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
Is the snooze time kept on the client or the CalDAV server?

Evolution stores the snooze/already-reminded settings locally only.
There is also no standard facility to store such "flags" on the server,
at least not on most of them (I think an Exchange server has a property
for it). The CalDAV doesn't have any such standard setting, as far as I
know, thus the interoperability between two independent applications is
equal to none in this case. As it's all locally stored in the Evolution
then even two Evolution instances on two different machines will
repeat/not-know-about-snooze being done in the other instance, despite
being connected to the same server and calendar.

I would like a couple of details, please, because I am wondering about
this behaviour since I switched to evolution from MS Outlook many years

Now I use to sync my appointments between evo and my Samsung smart-phone
using my google account... does all you say about CalDAV apply to my
case too? i.e., is a "google account calendar" equivalent to CalDAV?
Sorry, I am a bit confused here.

When I used to use outlook and another smartphone (with windows mobile)
it happened that each device was aware of the snooze/dismiss being
selected on the other one. This was great, because now it is quite
annoying give twice (or more) the same command (snooze/dismiss etc) to
different devices. I know that it was a totally different syncing
technology there, but it would be really wonderful if evo will be able
to do the same.

Sorry for my English and for asking noob questions,

I am using Evolution 3.12.11

Many thanks,

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