[Evolution] duplicate reminders, snooze times

Hi all,

I tried setting up two different CalDAV clients against the same task
list on a CalDAV server.

The clients are Evolution and Mozilla Lightning plugin and the server is

I notice that each client appears to handle reminders independently, e.g.

- both clients display the same reminders

- if I click to snooze for 1 hour in Evolution and then click snooze for
5 hours in Lightning, then Evolution will show the reminder again 1 hour
later and Lightning shows it 5 hours later

Is the snooze time kept on the client or the CalDAV server?  Is there
any way to coordinate the snooze times between the clients, e.g. if I
have one client on a desktop and another on a laptop and I click snooze
on the desktop, should the laptop know that?



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