Re: [Evolution] [Bulk] Signature or Script at the Insertion Point

I'm perplexed.  Putting the sig at the end of a top posting will cause
everything after the posting itself to be cut from the reply; it will
remove the message to which I'm replying. 

So don't top post.

 In other words, it will do
only too good a job of keeping messages short.  When I type in a sig by
hand to a top post, I put it after my (top) post, rather than at the end
of the whole message;

So if you've finished your message by adding a signature, why then put
in a load of superfluous text after it?  If the quoted messages are
important, then put them in the text, if they aren't don't include them.

I might say, as an aside, that some mail composers that I've used can
outsource the composition editor to an external editor.  MH (now
hopelessly obsolete) did this, which was a feature I liked.  Ckeditor,
among others, could support this function in Evolution.

Edit -> Plugins -> External Editor -> Configuration


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