Re: [Evolution] Installation page for the Evolution wiki

On 05/13/2014 04:29 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:
Have a look on the other Gnome projects at -
a few have build instructions, none have "install" instructions.  That's
because they are part of the Gnome desktop and it is expected that they
are installed as part of Gnome or through a distro's package manager.

This is why the process is so mind bogglingly obnoxious the times in the
past when I've had an Evolution bug.

Can you build just Evolution from source on the distribution you're
using? In the past I couldn't. The only option was to build ALL OF
GNOME. And the balancing act needed to get it to run as a side-by-side
installation with the distribution version was INSANE. DBUS messages go
to the wrong places and daemons crash each other and fonts and themes
fight to the death.

I pretty much had to log in an ultra-basic TWM X session and manually
start things from an xterm.

And never, never run it from your real home directory. Trying to reverse
a half successful upgrade is a pain. Which means that you need to know
what files to copy into a new user directory to reproduce a problem.

A tool like JHBuild is pretty much a requirement.

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