Re: [Evolution] Installation page for the Evolution wiki

On Tue, 2014-05-13 at 11:06 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

I'd like to add an "installation" page to the Evolution wiki. Before I
do so, I wanted to check that I hadn't missed an existing one?

At this stage I only intend to add instructions on how to install
Evolution from source in Ubuntu, but of course more could follow.

Not convinced that distro specific things should go on the wiki.  I can
see a case for telling people how to build it from source, but that
should be as generic as possible and not reference any specific distro.

I can try and keep it as general as possible, although that might end up
just being "./configure && make && make install".

Given that people are generally (?) going to be building it on an
rpm-based or deb-based distribution, you could probably cover most
scenarios with just 2 sets of instructions.

Over the years I have always wanted to contribute to Evolution, but
until now I haven't because:

1. I've been conscious that the package I am using in whatever distro is
always a few versions behind, so any bug reports etc may not be

2. Any attempts at a "quick" build from source have always failed for
me. It is only today that I have spent some time on it that I have
succeeded. I'd like to share that information with the community: given
that most people in my situation would start at the wiki, that seems a
good place to put it.

And not "installation" instructions - installation on Fedora means "yum
install evolution" (I'm sure there's an equivalent on Ubuntu).

Okay, how about:

1. Using

2. Adding the link to the page under "get the source code" section of
the main page

3. Making it clear (as per last email) that the first port of call
should be the distro's package repository.


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