Re: [Evolution] disabling junk plugin

On Fri, 2014-06-27 at 19:03 -0400, Carl Schaefer wrote:
I don't have Bogofilter or SpamAssassin installed, but unfortunately on
the Junk tab in Mail Preferences there is not a "none" option for "Junk
filtering software".  If I use dconf-editor to set
org.gnome.evolution.mail.junk-default-plugin to "none" the error box
stops being displayed (at least until the Junk tab is opened again, at
which point the value of junk-default-plugin resets to "Bogofilter").

It sounds to me like Arch is packaging the junk plugins wrong.

If you don't have Bogofilter or SpamAssassin installed, then the plugins
should not be installed either.  I tried to explicitly enforce this in
the source package by checking for the filtering software in the
configure script and aborting the build if it's not found.  The packager
must then decide whether to make the filtering software a requirement
for the package or to exclude the filtering plugin from the package.

But I can only do so much from the source package, and the check can be
circumvented.  Not being familiar with Arch, I don't know how to examine
their build script for Evolution (short of installing the distro) to see
how they're getting around this.

In Fedora, the filtering plugins are split into subpackages:


Each subpackage requires the associated filtering software.  So
installing evolution-bogofilter will automatically pull in bogofilter.

If no junk filtering plugins are installed, then no junk filtering
options are displayed in Evolution's Preferences.

Matthew Barnes

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