Re: [Evolution] Subfolders with Courier IMAP

On Wed, 2014-06-11 at 08:58 +0200, Roth wrote:
now that Evolution 3.12.3 is available as .tar file, I'm asking which
file contains the bug.
Because I'm using Debian, my idea is to patch my 3.12.2 version of
Evolution by replacing the buggy file with the correct one, rather 
waiting till one of the package maintainers comes up with a .deb 
of Evolution 3.12.3, which can last some time.

as I said in another email in this thread, it's not evolution, but 
evolution-data-server which received the change. I also pointer to bug
in the same email, which has a reference
to exact change
on master and
on evolution-data-server-3-12 branch. You want the later.

It's also enough to apply that particular patch only, if you are not 
interested in any other changes, but note that picking up only one 
file from an update can lead to a trouble (build break or 
malfunctioning during runtime).

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