Re: [Evolution] Subfolders with Courier IMAP

Ángel wrote:
When I tried Courier IMAP with evolution I got stuck with this problem :

I think it's Courier fault, as when you request:
 A000003 UID FETCH 1 (RFC822.HEADER)
it is returning the whole message.

Interestingly, the supposedly equivalent 
does return just the header.

It turns out the implementation of RFC822.HEADER at courier-imap is
looking for everything up to "\n\n".
The emails on this maildir have the line ending with \r\n

I have patched courier-imap to support that (see below), but evolution
now fails with "Failed to refresh folder INBOX: unknown body
response." :(

I don't see from the protocol commands what could be causing it, though.

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