[Evolution] Subfolders with Courier IMAP


I have a question regarding folders in Evolution 3.12.2.

I'm using Courier with Postfix with Debian.

Evolution doesn't allow to set up folders on the same level as Inbox,
Junk and Trash in combination with an IMAP account. All folders I create
are subfolders of Inbox.

Anyway I could live with this for the last years. But now I have read in
the Novell Evolution Manual that if some folder has subfolders it is not
able to display both, messages and subfolders.

As a result my Inbox email messages disappeared and only the subfolders
are shown.

Is this a issue that Evolution can't read the namespaces correctly?

Is anyone here using the same configuration i.e. Courier IMAP and
Evolution? And how did you come over this issue?

Many thanks for your advices.


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