Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 08:42 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
1. The issue mentioned by this thread, the never ending requests to type
the passwords.

well, these errors usually happen when there is an issue in
communication between evolution-source-registry process and the keyring,
at least to me. There usually helps to kill all evolution processes
(ps ax | grep evolution), with the calendar factory as the last, if you
run gnome-shell.

Of course, this issue is not always caused by that, it can be that the server
returned something odd which the related evolution code evaluated as a wrong
password. Run evolution from a console as:
   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3 evolution
which will show you what the POP3 account is doing (choosing
Send/Receive-><your POP3 account> will limit the output for that
particular account, in case you have multiple POP3 accounts configured).

Another way to debug password issues is to run evolution-source-registry
process from a terminal. It's quite chatty there. The trick with killing
the previous instance with calendar factory as the last applies here as
well, only run the source registry before you kill the calendar factory.

2. Automatically assign an account to a mailing list.

Since 3.12.x - Edit->Preferences->Composer Preferences->Send Account
tab, the same can be done in Folder Properties (to assign a send account
for certain folder).


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