Re: [Evolution] How to find mails which have disappered ?

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It's just that I am surprised to get Evolution notifications (e.g.
calendar messages) before I have even started the email program, i.e.
behaviour similar to that of Outlook.         

Because there's a process started by Gnome very early on called
'evolution-alarm-notify' - that's the process that pops up calendar
messages.  Remember that Evolution isn't the only process that uses the
Evolution calendars - the Gnome calendar that you get by clicking on the
date on the top Gnome bar uses them as well so all the Evolution
calendar processes need to be started when Gnome starts.

But, seriously, that is not my problem. I have about 80 emails waiting
on the POP server, and, it seems, they are being fetched one at a time,
at intervals of about 10 minutes (sometimes 2 or 3 mails arrive at once)

Have you started Evolution from a command line to see if there are any
errors or messages that may show what's happening.  Try turning on the
debug variable to show more information if necessary (see


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