Re: [Evolution] I/O operation timing out

On Sat, 2014-01-25 at 19:19 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sat, 2014-01-25 at 11:36 -0500, Eric Beversluis wrote:
"but it certainly seems like packets are going astray." How would
anything that Airport or Mac Mail does cause packets to go astray? It
seems like somehow Mac Mail is continuously sending and thus clogging
the mail-receiving ports (995).

That doesn't make a lot of sense. I presume we're talking about 2
different client machines (seems logical since one is Fedora and the
other a Mac, unless Fedora is running on a VM). So how could one of them
clog the POP *download* port of the other, which isn't even directly
connected to it? Unless the Mac is running some kind of DOS bot. Do you
see any other network effects? Are ping times from the Fedora machine to
the mail server affected when the Mac is on?
 They seem to be a bit slower, but there's enough variability among the
replies that it's hard to tell. I see an occasional 1000ms when the Mac
is on, but when it's off I see some mid-3figure ms times. So that's hard
to judge.

Also, looking back I see you're using Fedora 17. F17 went EOL about a
year ago, so I'd recommend updating to F20 before proceeding. You'll at

This was at the beginning of the thread. I since upgraded to F19 but the
problem continued.

least get a newer version of Evo and the problem might go away.

Finally, are you the OP for this thread? You seem to be using two
different mail accounts.

Yeah--for some reason I started this account using the one address and
unfortunately forget to stick with that one.

I got a nice off-list reply from Pete Biggs that's helping me understand
how packets returning from might be getting
misdirected. Seems maybe my router may be having trouble identifying
which packets from my mail server should go to which host. Which seems
strange, since surely different hosts on a NAT'd LAN communicate with
the same remote mail server all the time, don't they? So I think my next
step is upgrading my router--I have a "new" one, but it's apparently not
a recent model (Netgear WPN824N).




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