Re: [Evolution] I/O operation timing out

Update: I had pretty much decided the problem (getting I/O timeout with
Send/Receive on Evolution--doesn't seem to affect sending new email) lay
in my Motorola 5101 modem from TimeWarner. It may still lie there but I
just noticed this: My wife is out of town for a week. She uses a Mac and
Mac's Mail, which is on all the time. With her gone, I haven't had any
problems with my Evolution mail failing to connect ("Error while
fetching mail from .... Could not connect to .... I/O operation timed
out"). So I pulled out an old MacBook and sure enough, as soon as I
turned on Mail, I started getting the timeout problems again. Turn off
Mail and Evolution mail works fine. 

That'll be interesting to sort out!

Are you (both) on wired or wireless connections? 

Are you both using the same server / account for mail?

To be honest it sounds like something is wrong with your NAT
router/firewall in that the packets are being sent to the wrong host -
it could be configuration or it could just be a bug, but it certainly
seems like packets are going astray.

Interestingly this does not happen on this computer at work, in a small
office where the boss uses Mac and Mac Mail all the time--even when he
was using earlier versions of Mac.

It's probably because your office doesn't use a NAT'd network - or that
the NAT router works properly.


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