Re: [Evolution] Cursor positioning on replies/Reeke

On 13 January 2014 19:47, Brewster Gillett <bg fdi us> wrote:
On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 11:25 -0500, George Reeke wrote:
> Re: Evolution 2.32.3 on RedHat RHEL 6.5 (64-bit).
> Everything works fine except I notice when I open a reply window,
> the cursor sits at the upper left of the window as it should
> (for top-reply used with everything but these lists), <snip>


The reason that almost every email program places the cursor at the
beginning of the backquote is probably one of the most widely
misunderstood phenomena on the Net. It is placed there because the
idea is to allow the replier to scroll down through the backquote,
snipping out everything but the couple-three lines relevant to their
reply, then launching their reply *below* that. But generations of newer
users of email have assumed, wrongly, that it is encouraging them
to simply begin their reply, ignoring the backquote, and that is how we
ended up with the ugly travesty that is top-posting.

Agreed (though I'd call it quoted material; backquote usually refers to a punctuation character :-)


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