[Evolution] Cursor positioning on replies

Dear Colleagues,
Re: Evolution 2.32.3 on RedHat RHEL 6.5 (64-bit).
I just upgraded from RedHat 5 to 6 which runs evolution 2.32.3
Everything works fine except I notice when I open a reply window,
the cursor sits at the upper left of the window as it should
(for top-reply used with everything but these lists), but, unlike
the older 2.12, it does not add a couple of carriage returns,
so if I don't look I start typing at the beginning of the message
being replied to rather than on a clean line.  Anybody know how
to make it add the blank line or lines?  (I am OK with editing
the .ui files if that is what it takes, I just don't know where
to look.)
[Please refrain from telling me this is an "ancient" version --
this is the latest RedHat release and I know better than to try
to upgrade evolution in the RedHat gnome environment.  Thanks.]
All the best,
George Reeke

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