Re: [Evolution] Is there a practical limit on number of Evolution e-mail folders?


Thank you for your replies to my request for help.  My business cable ISP
has a modem/router on my desk that feeds my laptop and two desk PCs as well
as a D-Link 16-port switch that goes to the rest of the office, etc.

We are nearing the end of a conversion from XP to Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.  My
secretary has been using evolution of over a year w/o problems, but she is
only picking up our two business e-mail accounts (POP/SMTP) and does not
have as many folders as I do.

I am the only user on the evolution account in question.  It picks up the
two business accounts for the office, a personal account with a third
provider, and a fourth account that I need to use in one remote location. 
All accounts are POP/SMTP.

I populated evolution my importing each of my folders from Outlook Express
(I still have more to import).

Most folders are "on my computer".  Several of the folders have "planned"
subfolders (in one case, a main folder for a e-mail from /to a professional
organization and a subfolder for each committee I serve on).

What is happened is that some of the main folders have become subfolders of
another folder.  In one case I had five folders disappear for a day or so
and then reappeared as a subfolder of another folder.  Also, one of the
folders has not yet returned.  Also, it appears that there is no easy way to
reverse what has happened.

I not only do weekly backups using evolution's backup function, but the
folders are backed-up on SpiderOak.


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