Re: [Evolution] bug during transition from V2 to V3

Thank you Milan and Patrick for help.

After witnessing no message with strace -p, I've killed evolution main process and subprocesses (evolution-sourc.., evolution-alarm, evolution-calen...).

A weird detail is I have no ~/.evolution.
All I can find in my home are the following : ""
 ~ $ find . -name "evolution"
 ~ $ find . -name ".evolution"
~ $

Unfortunately I can not restart the old evolution version. It would require re-installing the older gnome2. Also I'm not sure I get correctly the part where you mention stopping evolution-calendar-factory and evolution-addressbook-factory. But since I've not been able to run gnome shell on my machine, I guess doing so would not be a that a big deal. I can work without any GUI or with XFCE, or KDE, if it can help. 

If I'm understanding correctly your advice, the best would be to get ride of the old data. And then importing again in a newly configured evolution. If that's right, I'm intending to proceed the following way :
1) Moving all the old "evolution" directory out of the way.
2) Copying back .local/share/evolution/* to its original location.
3) removing .local/share/evolution/mail to avoid the conversion bug.
4) Starting the new version of evolution.
5) Find in the GUI some way to import the old mail data.

Is this correct ?

Best regards


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