Re: [Evolution] FileChoosers broken

On Wed, 2013-10-16 at 13:19 +0200, Max off-list wrote that it was a
mistake, his Arch is up to date too and:
I really like evolution a lot, but the constant troubles increasingly 
annoy me.

Oops, I experience the same issue here, but wasn't aware about it, since
I just tested it before writing this email. IOW I confirm that the file
chooser is broken.

FWIW my Evolution crashes when I try to sort by subject and a mail
filter doesn't work correctly, beside the millions of other, much older
bugs, but I don't care, since it doesn't break my work-flow, but as
mentioned some time ago ...

while you say

I don't have time for non working email software right now.

I don't have the time to report the tons of bugs to the bugtracker.


PS: Sorry for quoting parts of the off-list mail.
PPS: Sorting by subject is broken since 3.10.0 and the filter issue
might be an user error, even if this is very unlikely. However, I don't
waste my time for investigations, as long as Evolution is usable for my
needs, so no, I won't report those bugs. If I would report everything
that is broken on my computer, but that is unimportant for me, 24 hours
a day wouldn't be enough time ;).

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