Re: [Evolution] FileChoosers broken

On Wed, 2013-10-16 at 12:26 +0200, Max wrote:
since a few weeks I am suffering from filechooser problems in evolution. 
Mouse controls are pretty much gone. The only way to navigate to some 
place is to enter the path into the adress field. If one happens to be 
in a path above the desired path it is possible to navigate through the 
folder entries. All buttons on top (including the "go one dir-level up" 
button aren't working. Neither does the left list of locations. So if I 
start the dialog in "recent documents" there is no working button to get 
me to my home folder, I need to show the adress bar (LUCKILY the button 
for this is working) and type /home. The very same filechooser dialog 
works just fine in Gimp and other software. Additionally the icons in 
the list on the left are all replaced by "file" icons, which is also not 
happening in Gimp.

Gimp uses gtk2, Evolution uses gtk3.  It's a gtk3 bug.

The sidebar issue sounds like it's addressed by:

I don't know what's up with the mouse navigation and other issues, but
Evolution has no control over it as the file chooser dialog is a stock
GTK+ widget.  Upgrading your gtk3 package to 3.10 or maybe downgrading
it to an older 3.8 release may help.

Matthew Barnes

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